Polo shirts

Points to consider:

  • What colour scheme do you need on your polos? Do you want a solid colour, or something with contrasting detail?
  • What sort of fabric do you prefer? Do you want a lightweight polyester polo (sports fabric) or a thicker shirt with a cotton component?
  • Do you need a practical, hard-wearing polo shirt to work in, or a smarter polo for office wear?

Work wear

Points to consider:

  • Do you require plain work wear or high visibility wear?
  • Do you need long sleeves, short sleeves, heavyweight or lightweight material?
  • If you need Hi-Vis gear, do you require reflective tape?
  • Does your work attire need any special properties, such as insect protection or flame resistance?
  • Do you need work pants or shorts to match your shirts?

Corporate Wear

Points to consider:

  • Do you want a smart polo shirt or a collared business shirt?
  • Do you want a basic, comfortable shirt, or a more tailored, stylish look?
  • Do you need matching men’s and ladies styles?
  • Do you need shirts only, or do you require blazers, pants or other suiting items to complete your uniforms?


Points to consider:

  • Do you need hats for sun protection or just to accessorise (or both?)
  • Do you want a basic baseball cap, or a decorative one to complement your uniform?
  • Do you need a bucket hat or a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off?
  • Do you need any specific colour scheme on your hats?


To give you an accurate quote and the best possible price, we will need some information about the amount and type of decoration your uniforms will need. Some things that we may ask you are:

  • How many logos and/or sponsor logos do you need on each garment?
  • What areas of the shirts do you want to have decorated – the chest, the sleeves, the back, or all of them?
  • Do you need large logos or phone numbers printed on the backs of your shirts?
  • Would you prefer your logo to be embroidered or screen printed onto your shirts?
  • Do you want your logo added to other uniform items such as hats and pants?

Sizing Guide

We supply many different brands of clothing from many manufacturers, and the fits and measurements of the sizes can vary. To make sure you get a great fitting shirt, be sure to give us the following information when ordering:

 Most polo shirts and corporate shirts come in a slim fit, a modern/ regular fit, or an easy/loose fit. Tell us which kind of fit you would prefer so we can suggest the most appropriate styles for you to choose from.

Your size on the sizing chart
For every shirt we supply there is a corresponding sizing chart which you can use to determine your size. It is as easy as:

1)      Take a shirt of your own that fits you comfortably (it should be the same type of garment as the one you are ordering – if you are looking at a polo, compare a polo of your own, if you are looking at a blouse, compare a blouse of your own, or the nearest thing you have.)

2)      Lay your shirt flat on a table, and measure the distance in centimetres from one side seam to the other across the front, just below the armholes.

3)      Compare that measurement to the numbers on the sizing chart to see which size you need to order. If you are borderline, consider the type of shirt you are ordering –  is it a slim fit or an easy fit, does the fabric have any stretch, etc – before sizing up or down.

We are here to help, so if you would like us to make recommendations based on your needs, simply contact us and we’ll take it from there.