For clothing to be a uniform it has to have a brand or logo. Branding your uniforms is vital to give your employees a consistent image, to make them easily identifiable, and to reinforce your marketing. Simply Uniforms provides a one-stop service for you to have your uniforms branded with your logo. The way your uniforms are branded says a lot about your organisation. Different methods give different results.

Simply Uniforms can advise you on the best form of application for your logo to your garments, or you can simply tell us which method you want. We also provide advice on the logo size and position based on our experience with various garments and logo application methods, we’ll also ensure the colours are exactly consistent with your brand.

Have you thought about also including sponsor logos if required? That’s something we can provide too!

These are the primary methods for branding your uniforms with a logo, unsure about which one to chose? Contact us and we’ll provide expert advice.

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Your Logo On Your Garments

This process uses thread which is stitched onto the garment. It is long lasting, with a slightly 3D effect, and gives a very professional-looking finish.

This process uses ink which is applied to the garment and dried. It is excellent for large logos with a high impact.

This process uses a plastic backing onto which the image is transferred, then it is adhered to the garment. It gives digital quality results and can be used for photos and designs with lots of colours.

This process is done on plain white polyester fabric where a design is permanently applied onto the fabric using heat. It is ideal for full coverage of the garment with your chosen colours and logos to create completely unique items. Minimum quantities apply.

We will recommend the best form of application for your logo, or you can simply tell us what you want. We can provide advice on the logo size and position, and we ensure the colours are exactly consistent with your brand. You can also include sponsor logos if required.

Go to our Frequently Asked Questions or click on the images above to find out more about each method of adding your brand.

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