Screen printing is the application of ink to a garment using screens that are like stencils. Firstly we take your logo image and determine, with you, the size of print you require and your logo colours. We then send you a proof showing an image of how the logo will look on the garment for you to check and approve.

We then design the screens to match the logo. One screen is required for each different colour of ink in the logo. The garments are usually placed on a flat bed and ink is applied to the garment in the cut out areas of the screen. Subsequent colours are then applied using different screens until the logo is complete. The ink is allowed to dry between each application of colour.

Screen Printing Cost

The price of screen printing depends on the number of colours in the logo and the quantity of garments being printed. The higher the quantity of garments, the lower the unit price of printing. Send your logo to us for a screen printing price quote. An initial set-up fee applies to printing orders and a smaller repeat set-up fee usually applies to subsequent orders.

Questions About Screen Printing?

We’ve answered the most common questions about Screen Printing uniforms

Advantages of Screen Printing

  • Ideal for very large logos with a limited number of colours
  • Great for high impact logos for events
  • Low cost for high quantities
  • Precise colour match of ink to your logo
  • Simple gradients and shadows can be achieved

Limits of Screen Printing

  • Ink may start to crack after 40+ washes, so not suitable for garments which are washed repeatedly
  • Special care needs to be taken when washing – wash inside out in cold water, do not tumble dry, do not iron on front
  • Repeat set-up fee always applies as screens have to be washed after each use
  • Can be very expensive for small quantities with multiple colours

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