Embroidery of your logo is the application of thread to a garment. Firstly the logo is digitised. This means our experienced digitiser takes your logo image and converts it into stitches. We then send you a proof showing an image of how the logo will look on the garment for you to check and approve.

The digitised logo is then loaded into an embroidery machine. Garments are placed into special embroidery frames which hold them securely in place in the machine. Thread colours are assigned to the design to match your logo. The machine then embroiders the logo onto multiple garments at once.

Embroidery Cost

The price of embroidery depends on the number of stitches in the logo and the quantity of garments being embroidered. Due to the time required to set up the machinery, the higher the quantity of garments the lower the unit price of embroidery. Send your logo to us for an embroidery price quote. A one-off set-up fee applies to small embroidery orders.

Questions About Embroidery?

We’ve answered the most common questions about Embroidery on uniforms

Advantages of Embroidery

  • Very professional finish so is the most common form of applying corporate logos
  • Long lasting, can be washed repeatedly
  • Hard wearing so is often used for school uniform logos
  • Colourfast and hypoallergenic
  • Works well for simple logos without shading
  • No repeat set-up fee – logo can be re-used repeatedly

Limits of Embroidery

  • A precise colour match to a PMS colour cannot always be achieved.
    Threads are matched as closely as possible to logo colours
  • Colour gradients and shadows cannot be done with thread
  • Small details may need to be simplified and text needs to be at least 4mm high to stitch legibly
  • A maximum of 11 colours can be applied
  • Thread may catch and break with heavy wear
  • Expensive for very large logos with a lot of stitches

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