Syzmik Workwear is here to grow! Started two years ago by the makers of Biz Collection, the Syzmik range of high visibility clothing and workwear represents excellent value for the quality on offer. With a focus on innovative fabric technology, Syzmik clothing is designed for safety, comfort and durability in the hardest conditions. If you are looking for the best in safety clothing without breaking the bank, Syzmik is for you.

Fabric technology is at the forefront of the Syzmik range. Their most innovative fabrics include:
• Syzmik Engineered Cooling to combat heat stress in the workplace, with 120% more breathability and 190% more tearing strength than traditional workwear. It has long been a problem that lightweight work clothing loses durability and therefore doesn’t last as long. Syzmik has engineered their Rugged Cooling range of clothing to be lightweight yet almost twice as durable as other brands.
• Syzmik Fire Armour fabrics to provide excellent protection in the event of arc fire or flame. The MetaTech fabric, used for hi-vis shirts and overalls, provides inherent arc and flash fire protection while being lightweight and durable. The ModaTech fabric, used for work pants and hi-vis jackets, provides inherent HRC 2- 10 Cal protection with increased moisture wicking properties to keep workers cool and dry.

New to the Syzmik clothing range is the Streetworx range which is inspired by workwear but designed to transition easily to urban wear. Stretch shirts, pants, shorts and jumpers mean slim fitting styles can be worn while being comfortable enough to work in. Another addition to the range, Bio Motion white workwear with X configuration reflective tape meets night road working standards.

Syzmik polo shirts provide something different to the average hi-viz polo. The Astro Polo, Zone Polo and Squad Polo use reflective trim in different patterns on their designs to create something more noticeable for your brand than the usual plain high visibility polos.

We are happy to send you a Syzmik catalogue or recommend the best Syzmik product for the specific needs of your workplace.

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