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What is Supacolour?2020-02-22T18:59:00+08:00

Supacolour is a form of digital heat transfer but without the plastic look that standard digital heat transfers have.  It has a beautiful soft matte finish and allows logos to be reproduced in digital quality, even photographs can be applied.  Details, gradients and fine text are crisp and clean.  For caps and bags there is also an option to add an embroidered border, known as Supasub.  It can only be done on certain products so if you are interested in this option please contact us.

What is the difference between screen printing and embroidery?2020-11-14T18:33:26+08:00

Screen printing involves applying ink to the garments, which results in a crisp, flat image on the surface of the fabric.  It will last for a long time, but may eventually crack and fade with many washes, so it may not be suitable for work wear that will be washed several times a week.  It is a good economical option for large back logos and is suitable for most types of smooth, flat fabric.

Embroidery involves sewing your logo onto the garment, which results in a logo made of thread which sits upon the fabric.  It is more permanent than screen printing, and with proper care, will last the life of the garment.  It is suitable for all types of garments and all types of workplaces.  Embroidery has certain limitations – small text, gradients and very large logos are not suitable for embroidery.

One of our friendly Simply Uniforms team will discuss your branding requirements and advise exact costings for embroidery on your uniform.

Can I have my uniforms custom made?2020-11-14T18:30:11+08:00

Yes.  Minimum order quantities are as low as 30 units for sublimated garments or 50 units for custom polos and t-shirts.  Create something totally unique for your brand!

Do you supply wholesale or bulk orders?2020-02-22T18:32:02+08:00

Yes, no order is too large and we offer substantial discounts for larger orders.  More detail is available on our wholesale and bulk orders page.

Where do you ship to?2020-02-22T18:06:19+08:00

We ship Australia-wide.

How long does it take?2020-11-10T10:12:57+08:00

Orders typically take 10-15 working days to be completed.  This timeframe applies for stock items AFTER logo proofs have been approved, garments have been selected, and we have received your final order and deposit.  Turnaround times also depend upon stock availability and the size of your order, so in some cases we can get your order to you faster than this.  Due to freight issues caused by COVID-19, in some cases there are stock shortages and so your order may take longer.  If this is the case we will let you know, but if you would like to check stock availability please contact us before placing your order.

Is there a minimum quantity?2021-10-19T16:35:06+08:00

Yes, we are a wholesaler so we specialise in large quantities.  For plain garments the minimum quantity is 10 assorted items which can be ordered online.  We have recently been forced to increase the minimum quantity due to stock shortages and freight issues.  For embroidery on garments the minimum order is 10 and for screen printing or transfer the minimum order is 20.  For caps the minimum order is 25 for Flexfit caps and 50 for all other styles.

Is it safe to pay online?2018-08-17T14:33:21+08:00

Yes, our online payments are via Stripe which complies to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

How do I place an order?2020-02-22T18:27:14+08:00

You can place an order online or by e-mail, or we can send you an order form if you wish.  We do request all orders to be submitted in writing.

How does the site work?2020-02-22T18:27:41+08:00

The Simply Uniforms web store is designed to be as easy as possible for anyone to use. There are two ways the site can be used, depending on your preference.

1)    You can order online like you would on any online store.  The minimum order quantity is 5 plain items, or 10 with an embroidered logo.  If you don’t require a logo on your items you can simply check out when you have finished shopping.  If you do require a logo, you can still add garments to your shopping cart but when it comes to the checkout page, select the “Send Me An Invoice” option and add a note that you require a logo.  We will then contact you to obtain a copy of the logo artwork and we’ll give you a quote for it.  We will not proceed with the order until you have confirmed that you accept the price.


2)    Become a Registered Member and set up access for your whole organisation, with individual log in ID’s for each of your locations, branches or franchises. We will then provide you with a list of login details for each branch.  When your users log in, they will only be able to select from your approved uniform range, and their orders will come through directly to us. We can then ship their orders straight to them, so you won’t have the hassle of receiving and dispatching orders for all of your different users.

Is it true that uniforms are tax deductible for businesses?2018-08-17T14:31:54+08:00

Yes, provided the uniform is branded (embroidered or printed with your business name or logo) then the purchase of uniforms, corporate workwear or protective wear is usually tax deductible for businesses.  We’re not tax experts though, so please check with your accountant or tax adviser.

Can I try the garments on before I choose?2020-02-22T18:27:52+08:00

One of the ways that we keep our prices low is to order stock in as needed. This means we have only samples in stock.  For bulk orders, you can request samples of the items you are interested in, to check the quality and fit before deciding on your range.  Please view our Samples Policy before ordering.  It is best to discuss your needs with one of our team before requesting samples, as we have information on the products that can help to narrow down your selection.  It streamlines the selection process so that we can provide you with the most appropriate samples straight away, saving you precious time.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for in the online shop?2020-11-14T18:37:42+08:00

The items in our general online store are a selection of our most popular styles, but there are many more available.  If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us with your details and we will recommend the most suitable items and give you a shortlist of garments to choose from.

Which brands do you supply?2020-06-13T19:30:33+08:00

We supply over 40 brands including Biz Collection, JB’s (Johnny Bobbin), Aussie Pacific, City Collection, Bisley, Hard Yakka, King Gee, DNC, Gloweave, Van Heusen, Corporate Reflection, Flexfit caps and many more.  To see the full list of brands click on the Browse By Brand tab above.

How do I know what size to order?2020-02-22T18:28:06+08:00

Please refer to our Sizing Guide page for help with choosing sizes. There is no standard sizing in Australia and each garment is individually sized. Please contact us for a sizing guide for a specific garment. Please note we do not offer free exchanges if you order the incorrect size, so please order carefully.

Do you have a store?2020-02-22T18:33:48+08:00

No, we are not open to the general public but organisations are welcome to view samples at our office or we can sometimes provide samples of items to you – please see our Samples Policy.  If you require uniforms for 20 or more people, we can also come and visit you to discuss your requirements if you would like to establish a uniform range with us.  If you wish to visit our office please contact us to make an appointment so that we can make sure we have the items you require.

How do I decide which types of garments are most suitable for my business?2020-11-14T18:42:53+08:00

Think about how the uniforms will be used – what sort of work will your staff be performing while wearing the garments and what type of fabric do they need to be?  If they work outdoors, consider factors such as sun protection, breathability, waterproofing and ventilation.  Look for shirts with complementing jackets or fleeces for the colder months so that your uniforms can transition easily between the seasons without compromising on consistency with your brand colours.

If your staff work indoors and don’t require clothing with any special qualities such as high visibility or elemental protection, then consider the overall look and image – do you want a simple smart-casual look, or do you need professional, stylised corporate attire?  Consider which image best promotes the nature of your business.  Fabrics that need little or no ironing are increasingly popular.

We are here to give help and advice on your selection.

Can you add a logo to my uniforms?2020-02-22T18:33:59+08:00

Yes, we do embroidery, screen printing and digital transfer of logos onto workwear and uniform items, including caps and hats.  We understand that it is vital to get the branding of your uniforms right.  Just send us your logo and we will suggest the best method of applying your logo and give you a quote for it.

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